The Dreaded ‘White Lung Syndrome’

Hello, fellow followers of Godfrey and crew. This is just a short note to let you know that Worzel’s computer quietly passed away from the dreaded ‘white lung syndrome’… A disease too awefull to describe. Her new computer is being set up and story sharing shall continue!

So, worzelodd is dead, long live worzeloddii !! (or 2.0. or something)



8 thoughts on “The Dreaded ‘White Lung Syndrome’

    • Dear John-It has been nasty, with ripped out wiring, to the demise of “It’s Nancy” the laptop. Glad you are well to, must catch up my reading-love Worzel.

  1. Whew, I’m glad to hear silence was the result of equipment failure, not user failure. Thanks for letting Godfrey’s fans know the saga will continue.

    • Terribly sorry to worry you, dear Janet, time was swept up in chaos In the reno, my wiring was damaged three times,culminating in the sad loss of “Its Nancy”,faithful computer. New computer, “Mrs Tuba” is named for a bakery customer who passed on the same day,loved her toast,Mrs Tuba.

    • Here I am again, new story being born, hopefully tomorrow, dear friends Ginger and Lonewolf created The Great Gallery of Odd, Lonewolf , set up new computer, “Mrs Tuba”. Cherish your friends, folks,and The Meadow is wonderful- must find yours in the morass I call home.

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