MY BATTERED OLD MUG- From Godfrey and Worzel

Worzel here writing, It was my 5th summer visit to Beatrice’s home in Wales, “Sonsie Farm”. Five years now, we two have worked compiling the story of our friend, The Vagabond Godfrey…it was a grand visit, Godfrey’s curmudgeon sister, Alice and her companion Nudge Giggleswick were away in eastern Canada.(Safely a continent apart from my home on Vancouver Island). They were at the “Outhouse Museum”, left to Alice by way of her brother, and no doubt creating some nuisance. 

Adelaide and Benny, elderly residents of the farm had taken to the road, with precious plaid steamer trunk and donkey cart. “Seaking Yelow Houses”read the note on their sleepout door, Adelaide only pretending she could not spell, they were a very literate pair, but still mistrusted me around the plaid steamer trunk. 

Blessed quiet time, to work on our book, to nap in the shade of the sunflowers Beatrice planted, Godfrey’s favorite plant. “I grow them where errant beets still come up every year”, Beatrice explained. This warm morning, doing the washing up, I noticed for the first time, Godfrey’s old, stainless steel mug hanging by a nail above the sink…recalling a story of his I will share here.

In the cool after sunset, I knelt by my fire. And mixed the batter for an evenings treat “Pikelets”, I had not a pan the wee cakes to fry, and I whistled as the beautiful Pelorus River rolled by.

But using my suitcase as a dining table, sweaty shirt to fan the flame, I set oer the  fire inverted my old mug, only cup I had to my name.Purchased back in Wales before leaving home, it only cost then a few pence, no longer shiny and new though, a story in it’s patina of scratches and dents.

Sweet scent of fresh Pikelets, summers evening, butter and jam bought in Canvastown, billy of tea keeping hot at my side, as the deep blue waters of the Pelorus chuckle down.

It’s the vagabond way to discard whats not needed, balanced against what gets lost naturally . Underthings forgotten on a hostel clothes line, or left behind a log by the sea. Stalwart, this battered old mug remains with me.

From the one lane bridge hear the  laughter, as  bold and reckless leap, into a pool so far below where the Pelorus eddies,  cold and deep.

Why do I sing the praises of such an old mug? not something a thirsty soul would nick, I hang it to clink on my backpack, to warn off fierce creatures where the tall grass is thick. Many a mug of hot coffee, warmed shaking hands in days of cold rain, and as I dip it to drink from the sweet Pelorus River, I dream of the time I will pass this way again…From Godfrey.


4 thoughts on “MY BATTERED OLD MUG- From Godfrey and Worzel

  1. It is always a joy to feel the innocence of Godfrey’s life, the flow of his experiences, the wisdom he garners at every turn, the poetic grace he paints in words for all to see, to hear, to grow from!

    Worzel, thank you for sharing Godfrey with us all!

    • Always a delight when you drop by, Miss Marcia, without you and lonewolf, Godfrey’s story would never have been told.

  2. How well I understand Godfrey’s fondness for his mug with “a story in it’s patina of scratches and dents.” Don’t we all have such a mug? One that’s been with us for some time, that fits our hand as no other, that holds exactly the right amount of hot coffee, that we enjoy holding by both hands on cold winter mornings, that if filled with memories? I do. It’s one my brother made for me when he was learning to be a potter. It has a chip on the lip near the handle, which is located perfectly for easy handling, and I can’t use it without thinking of my brother at 18 bending over a potters wheel with me in mind. As you can tell, Sheila, I loved and related to this post.

    • So cool that you have a treasured mug, Janet some things are indeed made to stay in our hearts, with a chip or two as a reminder all life is fragile. My mug is now 40 years old.

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