Worzel here, ever try to duplicate a much loved dish from your travels?,  Godfrey did , when he pined it was for the Australian food he gorged on.” I believe, he wrote, it was redolent of sun and soil and simple life always outdoors”. I oft make apricot chicken now, on Tuesdays of course. 

I have always loved chickens, as a lad all about our home they ranged free, they gobbled the beets I threw out the window each morning, provided fine, fresh eggs perfect for chippy tea.

Landing up in Australia, I was hungry for adventure, the pies, peas and damper, the bully beef I scoffed left the memory of beets and herring, far away back home cross the sea.

I was smitten by her beauty, the bonny, sunburned faces, the brown, rolling hills, the folks welcomed me, I gloried in Vegemite, fresh fish, roast pumpkin, and every corner I roamed there was Apricot Chicken.

Boiled and broiled , sour and sweet, twice just the apricots, once just the chicken feet. I had it with sauces, chunky and smooth,even tough old rooster full of pin feathers barely removed.

I have always loved chickens…running for the food scraps, fighting over tinned spaghetti, enjoying a dust bath, hot itchy afternoons. Try it baked in Russian Dressing, or freeze dried in a packet for to camp. And shared with friends, neath the southern stars, round the fire at the fruit pickers camp..

Of course, I also learned early how deftly beetroot could be hidden in burger and sandwich roll…indeed I learned.


8 thoughts on “APRICOT CHICKEN- from Godfrey

  1. Chicken, the most versatile meat. Apricot Chicken sounds intriguing, I’m sure I could find a recipe somewhere…But who would do a mean thing like hide beets (knowing how Godfrey hates them) in his food. There’s no accounting for cruelty!

    • Hiding beets is a low form of behavior…Googly Apricot Chicken for a wealth of recipes- in Newfoundland they use the Russian Dressing.

  2. As you probably know, Sheila, I have a weakness for chickens and their behavior. So of course I enjoyed your descriptions of them. I found the idea of apricot chicken intriguing and I like to eat both the fruit and the animal. And I loved this rhyme: “Boiled and broiled , sour and sweet, twice just the apricots, once just the chicken feet” and laughed aloud at the pin feathers barely removed. Sounds like you’ve plucked some chickens in your day.

    • I to, love chicken/chickens as you know, though feeling a raw crop ate a young age scarred me…my mother once plucked a goose indoors- probably still found feathers when the shack was torn down…

  3. Our great uncle Henry paid us and our great aunt Bertha made us a marvelous lunch when we helped pluck their turkeys prior to Thanksgiving. My sister Carolyn could pull out their tail feathers, but I couldn’t.

    • I had silly friends on the prairies who at chicken killing time tried to clean them with a power washer…meant for the combine. Don’t know if I could pluck tail feathers, with you Auntie on that.

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