EQUILIBRISTAT- From Godfrey and Worzel

Worzel here- recently reminded of life’s fragility…

I was recently reminded, while out rambling in the city. Saw a young delivery driver, under the gun, in a big hurry. Juggling paper work and boxes, sacks of rice in heavy load, a moments inattention, a jar of liquid honey fell, and shattered in the road.

In an instant the labor of uncounted bees, was lost to glass and dust. It caused folks to glance over, a carriage horse to snort and shy. the #50 bus drove through the mess, do not trod in it, Worzel dear spoke Godfrey, as arm in arm we two strolled by.

I knew that he knew that I knew what he was feeling as we carried on a silent walk, was later that summer, out star gazing, he recalled that fallen honey in his own odd way, as we sat midnight at the lakeside on the dock.

Said Godfrey- “Back home in Wales, our Grandad was  a fisher.” “Took us out with him often, sister Alice and me”. “This time we hit a rock, or wreck, I do not know which, the boat began to fill, Alice to heave ill, “Grandad turned to me, “Go and make a pot of tea, Alice, shut up and hold fast, make the tea hot and strong lad, it may be our last”.

I did as told, he patched the hole, it was not in my destiny, or Alice’s to drown, we drank tea  and ate ginger biscuits as we puttered back to town. I was only eight, my first big awareness that life is precariously balanced on a dewdrop, a dewdrop on a dock leaf rooted in the earth, as autumn is meant to set adrift, eventually, as Grandad did , a fisher on the North Sea.

Equilibristat- Larry the Free Advice Wino told us once, in his years as a young rover, Said Larry,” I worked the Equilibristat, it measured the angle of the tracks curve, so trains could travel safe, not tip and fall over.”

Something so simple, bend or crack from frost, delicate balance upset, a mighty train would be lost.

I recall that long past summer, and the dropped jar of honey. Regret I never got to meet Free Advice Wino Larry. With ranting Meglomaniacs poised over the key, fear mongers shall not still my pen, my world is not ruled by weaponry.

Hold fast to our homes Equilibristat- no question I’d rather trust it to Free Advice Wino Larry.


8 thoughts on “EQUILIBRISTAT- From Godfrey and Worzel

    • Thank you, my dear, and again welcome back. A couple of weeks back, I waved goodbye a co-worker, not someone I knew well, my bosses wife of 30 years, who that evening came off her pushbike and was killed. This one came out of that, and the usual nonsense.

      • Oh how sad is unexpected death. We steel ourselves to those who are terminally ill – but there is nought but pain over sudden unexpected tragedy. And sometimes it is only the nonsense that has any logic at all.

  1. Indeed, John, this couple rode motor cycles all over North America, and she gets done in by a rut on the road enjoying a summer evening. Head injury, not even road-rash scrapes. So happy to have a sense of the absurd at my side..cheers.

  2. Whew! I didn’t know whether to laugh at life’s absurdities or cry at life’s sudden losses. I like Larry the free advice wino’s word equilibristat; it rolls around in my mouth and has a useful meaning; I also like your synonym for it, delicate balance, and the magnificent sentence in which it resides. And my favorite rhyme? Well, it involves Alice of course “the boat began to fill, Alice to heave ill.” This is a poignant piece, Sheila, from the image of the broken jar of honey to ranting megalomaniacs poised over a key. Oh, yes.

    • My boss’s wife, May,lost her life 12 days after crashing her bike, a shock to all in our small store where very little changes. I am glad you got it, knew you would, and mind your precious Equilibbristat my friend, I have something for you from Alice.

  3. Hello Sheila – John (aka Paol Soren) directed me over here as a consequence of a post I wrote about our plans to visit Canada and West Coast USA next year. I was reaching out to my followers for any travel tips and favourite places. How would it be if I attached a link to that post? Might you care to share your knowledge? all the best, Gwen

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