You Remind Me of Haggis- From Godfrey

Just for me you ate a pound of beets.when I could not face one taste of beet at all.You stood by me when I was soundly paddled.Oh the slap of the strap in the echoing, dank school hall .I wish I could say I love You,but all can manage is this-BEATRICE YOU REMIND ME OF HAGGIS.

Wet from the meadows morning dew we rode out on our ponies me and you.Through the oak forest down to the sea.Galloping, laughing rainbows in the spray.When I think of you on a cool fall evening or humid summers day You will remind me of Haggis

.You are the bracing North Sea Storm, you are the warm heather we rested upon.We lay back and watched the stars until dawn……brought across the common the morning mist.The sunrise came and lit your face- to remind me forever of Haggis.

.Wise as the stone circle on the hillside is ancient. Strong as the onions I fried.Damp wood on the fire will smolder and hiss.Oh Beatrice YOU REMIND ME OF HAGGIS, you will forever remind me of Haggis

.This poem is classic Godfrey written at the awkward age of 16, as he was saying goodbye to his dear friend,he was leaving home to get away from beets, vaguely bound for Australia .

Godfrey was a slightly built chap,yet sturdy. He wore a somewhat tattered kilt wrapped about twice and held up with a length of rope.He wore new gumboots, a wooley hat and his good shirt. This was his practical lifelong wardrobe.His auburn hair was l cut by his older sister Alice, a notorious prankster, and resembled a Monks tonsure. He was a quiet lad, but blessed with an impish sense of humor. In the plaid suitcase he carried were 3 pairs of clean dry socks , and an old cookbook of his Grandmas for he loved to bake.   You Remind Me of Haggis- remains Godfrey’s most requested work. Thank you for the read.

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